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Interior Design

Furnishing with Pietra Dolomia®: natural and biocompatible

This dolomite stone is a natural rock suitable for furnishing and interior design that makes the ambience elegant and well-groomed. When combined with wood, steel and glass this versatile material is great for modern and rustic decorating styles, not least because of its natural white-gray color.

Our company manufactures floor coverings, stairs, wall and fireplace cladding, as well as countertops for the kitchen, bathroom tiles and windowsills. 

This dolomite stone is also particularly advantageous as a covering of interior walls, because it gives the room a natural feel. Simple walls, thanks to the mere 2 cm thick layer of material, can be rebuilt without requiring much space. The stone has been used successfully in the renovation of ancient buildings.

Exterior Design

Flooring, gardening and public works

The natural stone is mined by our company and then processed so that it is suitable for very different applications. In ancient times, this dolomite stone was used as a pavement of roads and sidewalks.

Today the possibilities of use are even greater. Due to its strength and durability, this stone is the ideal material for the construction of stairs, for garden furniture, terraces and balconies, statues and fountains.

Our company carries out both public and private orders, from quarrying to the execution of works. We offer a high quality natural product at a fair price.


Charm that has lasted for millions of years

A special feature of the Pietra Dolomia® is undoubtedly its resistance to the wear of time. Works created from the stone are timeless, biocompatible, fire resistant and environmentally friendly.

Fountains and statues are just some of the uses of the stone over time. The Serla Dolomite is of historical importance in the Belluno area. Design elements (such as fountains) from the area around Cencenighe, Agordo, Valle del Biois, and Val Cordevole (Belluno) are well known.

From 1690 to 1700, the stone was used to build the Palazzo Crotta de’ Manzoni di Agordo, where numerous statues carved from dolomite can still be seen today.

This stone is particularly well suited to the renovation or reconstruction of historic buildings and sophisticated urban elements such as town centers and medieval villages.

Public works

Design of road surfaces, squares, sidewalks

This dolomite stone was already used in ancient times as a covering of squares and sidewalks. Reason for its use is not only the look, but above all the longevity of the stone. It is not only used for its beauty but for its resistance, as it is important that the works created are durable over time. The use of natural stone also means less asphalt use and therefore its usage is respectful to the environment.

At Pietra Dolomia® natural stone is processed in many ways, not only to ensure its suitability for use, but also to give the environment in which it is used a very special, unique charm.


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