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We produce floor covering from natural stone

When it comes to Pietra Dolomia® it is safe to think of both internal and external usage. Once the natural stone is mined, it is processed so that it is suitable for unique floor coverings depending on the surface finish chosen.

We can create all types of paving, customized plates for large areas as well as small tiles more suitable for the interior design of office buildings, private housing or health centers. The natural gray/white color of the stone allows it to marry well with any material.

Wall cladding

The wall comes to life with natural stone

Pietra Dolomia® lends itself to numerous uses: the natural stone cladding of entire walls is one of the many sectors we deal with in the company. Covering a wall with the dolomite stone means reviving it, it also means adding value and character to the environment, making it unique and exclusive. The stone cladding does not steal space from the environment because slabs with a thickness of 2cm are used.  

Let yourself be enveloped by the material that embodies the history of man.

Interior furnishings

Natural stone opens up for new interpretations

Formerly used only for the production of exterior elements, today this dolomite stone is used as a characterizing element of interiors. Pietra Dolomia® is widely used in the renovation of houses, chalets, but also in the construction of stairs, kitchen worktops, bathroom cladding, floor coverings and open fireplaces or windowsills.

This stone gives the environment its own style, fosters nature and transforms furnishing elements into a work of art. Stone is a living, earthly element that can be interpreted and inserted into various aspects, taking into account its characteristics and style.

Exterior furnishing

Pietra Dolomia® and architecture

With its color that goes from white to gray, this dolomite stone is suitable for exterior furnishings of all kinds: wall cladding, stairs, pavement, terraces and garden furniture. The effect that is obtained depends on the processing that the natural stone undergoes, in any regard a neat and elegant atmosphere is created.

When using natural stone for exterior design, you can be completely surrounded by this material, which holds eternity in itself.

Wellness Center and Beauty Farms

An environment in which to relax

This dolomite stone is one of the best raw materials for the design of wellness centers: its white-gray color, natural beauty and easy maintenance gives an incomparably flawless, elegant and above all a natural style. In this application, the natural stone assists in creating a relaxed ambiance which radiates regeneration.


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