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Natural Stone

Floor coverings, cladding, finishes and furnishings

The geological name of this dolomite stone is Serla Dolomite (named after the Serla Mountain, west of the Dobbiaco Lake). It is a dolomite layer from the early, middle and also the late Anisian Age.

Technical examination of dolomite rock

The rock consists of organogenic sea sediment. It is a dolomite limestone massively crystalline, saccharoid and compact structure with uniform mechanical behavior and isotropic physical properties. It’s simple compression strength (1.000 - 1.800 Kg / cm²) places it among the hard and very hard rocks.

  • Water absorption: very low (0.5%), well below the total porosity;
  • Sensitivity to frost is irrelevant: an indication of the special longevity of the stone in temperate and cold climates, even when exposed to the weather;
  • Bending strength: the high resistance values ​​allows for use as a floor covering and cladding as well as for cantilevered structural elements;
  • Longevity: due to the high durability, the stone is used for decorative and design elements for the outdoors;
  • Color: the gray color makes the natural stone look noble. It adapts to any ambience and can be combined with other materials (wood, glass, steel ...);
  • Porosity: through the pores and vacuoles, the rock is not very fragile and can be processed and worked;
  • Characteristics: The results of numerous tests carried out according to the regulations for natural stone allow an optimal overall picture of the rock when used for valuable structural elements;
  • Versatility: particularly suitable for renovations of historical buildings, for both noble and rustic ambience with low optical effort. Especially suitable for buildings in a sophisticated urban context such as historic town centers, churches and medieval villages.

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