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Dolomite stone: ancient material for new interpretations

The natural stone is a material that can speak, that tells us about its history and that is why it is so appreciated today. Architects who work with natural materials know and interpret this language and are always on the look-out for new combinations that make them stand out. Pietra Dolomia® lends itself to new interpretations of styles, allowing itself to be transformed to give new life to environments full of originality, elegance and beauty. Thanks to its natural color it fits perfectly with any other building material.

Our company collaborates with architectural firms that create unique projects, that provide effective customized solutions in terms of context, style and functionality.  The combination natural stone with other materials is particularly targeted: glass, wood and steel. Pietra Dolomia® also offers "turnkey" solutions.

Public Works

Squares, walkways, gardens, statues and fountains

Our company conscientiously addresses all inquiries and offers the contracting authority, which places more emphasis on quality at a modest cost, great solutions in line with its expectations. The dolomite stone, lasting over time, guarantees the construction of public works of the highest quality, with high aesthetic levels and natural resistance.

Our company deals with the marketing of the raw material, from the quarry to the finished work, without intermediaries in order to guarantee truly competitive prices.

Private Works

Natural stone, an expression of your personal style

It is our pleasure is to create unique and original works that match the style of our clients. This dolomite stone is processed so that we can provide endless solutions that meet the imagination and specific and financial needs of the client.

We pay close attention to style and context and we propose personalized options, wisely combining natural stone with materials: wood, glass and steel that can enhance its natural beauty and that best fit the environment.

Whether you need to choose a floor, a staircase or a wall cladding, we will be at your disposal to advise you and help you make the home of your dreams.


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